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Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades provide exceptional aircraft performance improvement. Much more cost effective than buying a new aircraft, Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades deliver enhanced performance, increased safety margins, and the strongest resale value of any engine upgrade on the market.

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XP67A Engine+ Upgrade

King Air 350/350ER


increased climb rate

Elevate your King Air or Conquest I into a class all its own. Our most comprehensive upgrade, each Phoenix package encompasses a complete nose-to-tail customization, including Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades, propellers, fresh paint, new modern interiors, glass cockpit avionics, and fresh inspections.

First it was a turboprop,


Founded in 1999, Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades was born from the desire to increase performance, speed, usability, and reliability of high-performance turboprop aircraft without the cost of buying new. We’ve exceeded our customers’ expectations.