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  • Scott Keefe

    Regional Sales Manager – Western U.S., Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

  • Bobby Patton

    VP, International Sales, Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

  • Chris Dunkin

    Regional Sales Manager – Central U.S., Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

  • Cisca De Lange

    Regional Sales Director – Africa & Europe, Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

  • Edwin Black

    Senior VP, Sales & Marketing, Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

    Edwin Black joined Blackhawk in 2007, coming to the company after 9 years at Raisbeck Engineering where he’d most recently served as director of marketing and sales. A private pilot, Black’s passion for aviation product improvement is personal. After helping Raisbeck build a 50% King Air penetration with their upgrade kits, he joined Blackhawk out of interest in seeing further speed, safety, and value for the King Air. He enjoys the thrill of seeing customers experience the best performance possible from their aircraft and makes it a point to stay in touch with all his customers.

    Black received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and is a licensed sky diver.

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  • Spenser Howard

    Operations Manager, Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

  • Ryan Anderson

    Project Manager, Blackhawk Aerospace Composites

  • Jim Allmon

    President & CEO, Blackhawk Aerospace

    A Blackhawk Aerospace founding partner, Jim Allmon created the Blackhawk Aerospace brand and concept of upgrading turboprop aircraft with new, higher horsepower Pratt & Whitney engines. Prior to founding Blackhawk Aerospace in 1999, he served as the president and CEO of Aurora Aviation in Waco, Texas, an FBO offering aircraft sales, avionics, MRO and flight training. He has also served as president and CEO of Allmon Aviation and TulsaJet, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    A pilot himself, Allmon follows the mantra of “quality and safety above profits, always.” Allmon’s favorite part of the job is solving customer issues and flying with them in their planes to witness their excitement first hand as they experience the power of a Blackhawk. He enjoys keeping an open door to any employee or customer, willing to roll up his sleeves and find solutions as quickly as possible.

    Outside of Blackhawk Aerospace, together with his wife, Blackhawk EVP Lynnette Allmon, Allmon founded the Freedom Ball, an annual fundraising event for aviation scholarships that honors our veterans and active duty soldiers.

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  • Rory Crews

    Vice President, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions

    A 32-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Rory Crews brings a wealth of leadership, industry experience, and business acumen to Blackhawk. He develops and leads the company’s successful new programs, executes its major defense industry MRO contracts, and maintains our extensive quality management system. During his tenure, he’s been successful in managing engine MRO for more than 200 military aircraft in 81 countries and negotiated several high value contract negotiations.

    During his service in the U.S. Air Force, Crews held several operations, training, and leadership positions in addition to flying as a special operations pilot. He retired at the rank of Lt. Colonel. His also served as an airline transport captain and air cargo consultant before joining Blackhawk in 2015. Aviation has always been in Crews’ blood. One of his first jobs as a young man was as a refueler at a local FBO so he could earn money for flying lessons. Today he is an ATP-rated multi-engine airplane pilot with more than 11,000 hours of flight time.

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  • Bill Smrtic

    Manufacturing Manager, Blackhawk Aerospace Composites

    A founding partner, Bill Smrtic brings not only pride of ownership to Blackhawk Composites but a strong determination to build the highest quality products possible, following his motto: “we will find a way.” His strong background in composites includes aerospace, wind energy, and the automotive industries.

    Smrtic’s expertise with out-of-autoclave processing techniques helps Blackhawk offer a lower cost solution for customers’ complex requirements. His technical expertise extends into development and fabrication of high-quality composite tooling utilizing conventional laminating and VARTM techniques. He is also skilled in using FaroArm coordinate measurement equipment to inspect or reverse engineer your product.

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