Cessna 208 Caravan and 208B Grand Caravan Upgrade Options

Expanded Mission Capabilities

With unprecedented increases in takeoff and climb horsepower, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ FAA-certified Engine+ Upgrade packages transform your legacy government Caravan into a more valuable and cost-effective asset while extending its useful life. We offer two proven engine upgrade options to meet your mission requirements – Vy and XP140. We exchange the aircraft’s standard PT6A-114/114A engine for a factory-new, higher horsepower PT6A-42A or PT6A-140 powerplant respectively, and replace your propellers with higher performance props. This work is backed by a lifetime customer support guarantee and includes free enrollment in CAMP Systems’ Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Program and the Trend Group’s Turbine Trend Analysis Program.

Your upgrade expands your Caravan’s performance margins, doubling the aircraft’s rate of climb while using less fuel. In addition, the program shortens takeoff distances and increases range and true airspeed. All these enhancements make the Caravan a more valuable government asset with increased safety and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Higher speed and longer range improve arrival and turn-around times literally making the difference between life and death for MEDEVAC patients, Special Ops insertion and extraction teams, and troops stationed in remote areas with urgent resupply needs. Better fuel efficiency also enables longer surveillance and patrol missions and lower cost freight hauling.




Ideal for military and government transport and surveillance operations seeking more capability.

  • 37% increased climb rate
  • 22% shorter takeoff distance
  • 195 ktas maximum cruise speed
  • 100° C lower starting temps
  • 4,000 hours TBO


Ideal for any military or government agencies operating from high altitude airports.

  • 35% increased climb rate
  • 22% shorter takeoff distance
  • 189 ktas maximum cruise speed
  • 100° C lower starting temps
  • 3,600 hours TBO


Contact us today to discuss your mission, aircraft, goals, and our options. We’ll work with you to identify the right solution to boost the performance of your legacy Cessna 208 or 208B to best meet your mission parameters.

Additional Performance Solutions

We provide a wide range of performance enhancing solutions for Cessna 208 or 208B aircraft that further boost mission performance with an engine upgrade.