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4- and 5-blade composite props

MT-Propeller’s state-of-the-art composite propellers are designed to elevate your aircraft’s performance and longevity. Our fast, lightweight 4- and 5-blade propellers not only reduce weight, vibration, and drag but also enhance lift, thrust, and overall lifetime operation which maximizes the benefits of a Blackhawk engine upgrade.


As your aircraft approaches overhaul, it presents an opportune time to consider a propeller upgrade. Take advantage of this crucial maintenance milestone to enhance your aircraft’s performance and reliability. 

Upgrades Available For

  • Caravan
  • Cheyenne I, II, IIXL
  • Conquest I
  • Grand Caravan
  • King Air 200
  • King Air 300
  • King Air 350/350ER
  • King Air 90


Discover a new standard of excellence tailored specifically for your Caravan aircraft

Blackhawk has joined forces with MT-Propellers to bring you the best options for superior performance and reliability.

Upgrade your propeller, elevate your aircraft’s capabilities. Choose MT-Propellers for unmatched performance and reliability.

Exclusive Distributor Arrangement

We are the exclusive distributor for 5-blade propellers for all Caravans, ensuring top-notch performance tailored to your specific aircraft.

TKS Anti-Ice Capability

Our Caravan propellers feature TKS anti-ice capability, providing increased safety and performance during challenging weather conditions.

The 5-Blade Advantage on the King Air 350

Embark on a journey of elevated excellence meticulously tailored for your aircraft

Quiet Operation

Experience peace with 5 dBa less noise during your cruise. In taxi, relish exceptional quietness without a minimum prop RPM – a significant contrast to the 4-blade’s 1100 RPM.

Ground Idle Solenoid Eliminated

Boost operational efficiency by removing the ground idle solenoid, streamlining your King Air’s processes and enhancing overall performance.

Unlimited Blade Life

Our 5-blade propellers are engineered for longevity, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

On-Wing Balancing/Repairs

No more hassle of prop removal – our innovative design allows for on-wing balancing and repairs without taking the propeller off.


  • Reduced Weight – Lighter than aluminum, natural composite propellers reduce weight on the engine crankshaft and overall aircraft weight.
  • Reduced Vibration – Unlike aluminum, composites do not experience harmonic vibration. Gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, cowlings, and more enjoy longer life with reduced vibration. 
  • Greater Strength – Composites are stronger than aluminum. 
  • Unlimited Blade Life – Composite propellers are brought back to exact factory-new dimensions during overhaul, avoiding replacement.
  • Steel Hub Inserts – Steel bearing inserts eliminate the requirement to replace the full hub when tolerances are exceeded. 
  • Quieter – Shorter blades and increased blade count results in a smaller diameter and lower, quieter tip speeds. 
  • More Lift/Thrust – Lower tip speeds maintain smooth airflow, resulting in more lift/thrust. 
  • Less Drag – A smaller prop arc disc creates less drag than larger diameter prop arc discs. 
  • More Ground Clearance – Smaller diameter propeller blades reduce chances for prop damage from ground objects and debris. 
  • Added Resale Value – Upgrade benefits are passed along, increasing resale value. 
  • Easy Installation – The blades bolt on easily and use the existing prop governor. 
  • Full Warranty – 1 year or 1,000 hours (whichever occurs first) for any manufacturing defects. 
  • Anti-Ice and De-Ice Capability: For Caravan owners, we offer optional propeller configurations with both anti-ice and de-ice capability, giving you greater flexibility in adapting to diverse operational requirements.


  • Natural composite blades and hubs with stainless steel leading-edge guards 
  • Unlimited blade life through the ability to restore composites to factory specifications during overhaul 
  • Steel hub bearing inserts 
  • Increased blade count and shorter diameter 
  • Utilize existing prop governors 
  • Available in white, black, or grey 

Upgrade Includes 

  • One 4- or 5-blade reversing and full feathering constant speed propeller for each engine
  • One full composite spinner (AFRP) for each engine
  • Airplane flight manual supplement
  • Installation instructions
  • Instruction for continued airworthiness
  • Operation and installation manual


Contact us today to learn how an MT-Propeller upgrade can boost your performance, comfort, and bottom line.