A Word About Your Aircraft's Performance

Take a moment to consider your aircraft’s performance. What’s the first word that comes to mind? If you said something like “OK,” “lackluster” or “unimpressive,” you’ve come to the right place.

Blackhawk customers say things like, “jumps off the runway,” “incredible machine,” and “absolutely off the chart.” These are pilots just like you who refused to settle for so-so performance and over-budget overhauls.

They found a better way, and you can, too. New engine performance from Blackhawk – because the best new aircraft may already be in your hangar.


A Drop Zone Perspective

See how the Blackhawk XP42A New Engine Upgrade for the Cessna Caravan has improved the operations at SkyDive San Marcos.

A Great Deal

By opting for a Blackhawk engine upgrade, Alan Bass avoided a costly overhaul and gained new engine reliability, more power at altitude, and better climb and cruise performance for his King Air B200. Hear Alan’s story.

Good To Great

Tom Kraus took his King Air C90B from good to great with a Blackhawk XP135A engine upgrade. Now he enjoys better altitude, speed, over-the-weather capability and safety margins. Hear Tom’s story.