Chris Palmer, Chief Pilot, King Air 350

Heck yeah the XP67A Upgrade is great! I have put about 240 hours on the engines so far. Just took a trip, Dayton to Naples FL310 – FL320 330 KTAS. Doing everything you said it would.

Cody Pierce, Chief Pilot, King Air 350

I’ve done a bit of contract work in an older CE-550. Having now seen both those, and our 350 in action it puts things into perspective. Leg times are nearly identical, the jet burns 33% more fuel and is significantly more uncomfortable in every way. I’m sure you know all this, but it was really interesting for me to see both aircraft side by side. Makes me really appreciate what we have.

The other big thing was time to climb. We can get to 34k in about 15-17 minutes. 28 minutes in the Citation.

Tom Clements, King Air 350

“This great 350 XP67A that I have been privileged to help crew has now gotten RVSM approval with the new owner. Monday, 12/10/18, we made a trip from Phoenix to Nashville, filing for FL330 which we were assigned. About at the NM/TX border ATC asked if we could go to FL350. Since this would put the cabin just over 10,000 feet and since we had a couple of passengers, I said we could do that but would be requesting 330 again when available. The controller said it would be for just a little over 100 miles, so we accepted the climb request.

My mind is blown. Golly, the thing zoomed up to FL350 so easily! I truly believe the two-engine service ceiling on that beast must be above FL450, at least at mid-weights. The pictures show both the TAS (and GS) and the engine instruments. We were running Blackhawk’s “Maximum Cruise Power” torques and the fuel flows were now about 350 pph per side. The no wind Specific Range comes out to be (320 knots / 695 pph) 0.460 nm/lb, which is not too shabby! That we were still truing at 320 knots up there — and it was almost exactly ISA conditions — amazed me. What a King Air!”

Panel pics can be found here:

Shawn Collins, Pilot, King Air 350

It gets better with each flight because we keep discovering new features. The boss loves the noticeably quieter cabin from the 5 blade props. In the climb, we can peg the VSI all the way to altitude if we want with power left over. Or, we can climb at a comfortable 2000 FPM and keep our KIAS up. More power takes the worry out on top of the climb. We are no longer sitting on a pinhead at FL270. The faster cruise speeds balance out the additional fuel used.
The upgrade is remarkable.

Geoff Farrington, Owner, Skydive Kapowsin

“The Blackhawk engine upgrade is a revenue generator and a crowd pleaser.  With a single engine, it puts up more jumpers per hour than a Super Otter.  We can operate more efficiently and grow our business while sharing our passion with our customers.  Everybody wins. We are so impressed with the -42A that we upgraded all of our Caravans.”

Blackhawk Announces 1,000th Customer for XP Engine+ Upgrades

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – October 11, 2021 – Blackhawk Aerospace announced today that the company has reached a total of 1,000 XP Engine+ Upgrades sold since their start in 1999. 

The milestone customer for this achievement is Tim Brown, owner of FL-499, which he recently upgraded with Blackhawk’s XP67A Engine+ Upgrade for the King Air 350. 

“I commute back and forth from South Carolina to Alaska for business about five times a year, which takes about 15 hours of flying time and an overnight stop in our stock-equipped Pilatus,” said Brown. “We considered replacing the Pilatus with a jet, but didn’t want the added expense and additional pilot requirement that comes along with it. I can fly the 350 myself, and the Blackhawk conversion enables me to reach altitude faster and reduce fuel burn.” 

In addition to the Blackhawk XP67A, Brown has also upgraded his aircraft with Centex Tanks, Garmin G1000 NXi, heavy weight landing gear, and new paint/interior. “I ended up with essentially a new aircraft for almost half of what it would cost to buy new,” said Brown. 

But his Blackhawk-upgraded King Air 350 isn’t Brown’s first experience with the Company’s engine conversions. He also owns an XP140-upgraded Cessna Caravan. “I can say without question that the only 

reason I own a Caravan is because of the Blackhawk conversion,” said Brown. “I wasn’t going to buy one without the upgrade. We operate on floats out of Alaska, and we were being outperformed by the Kodiak, but once we bought the Blackhawk-upgraded Caravan, it became the monster of the two.” 

He continued, “I’m very happy with the upgrades on both aircraft. The 350 will be a game changer for the cross-country commute as well as transport between meetings all over the states.” 

“Reaching the 1,000th Engine+ Upgrade customer is something we never could have dreamed back at our start in 1999,” said Jim Allmon, Blackhawk’s President and CEO. “I continue to be blown away by our incredible team, our loyal customers, and our dedicated industry partners, all of whom Blackhawk could not exist without. One thousand upgraded aircraft is a monumental accomplishment, but still only the beginning. We welcome Mr. Brown into the Blackhawk family with open arms, and wish him blue skies and tailwinds in his endeavors.” 

To learn more about the XP Engine+ Upgrades, and the limited-time discount on their XP67A products for King Air 300s and 350s, join Blackhawk in booth #2445 at NBAA in Las Vegas, NV this week. 


Blackhawk Aerospace Launches Engine Upgrade Program for the Pilatus PC-12

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – October 11, 2021 – Blackhawk Aerospace proudly announced today that the Company is adding the Pilatus PC-12 to their roster of aircraft for aftermarket engine upgrade Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs). Blackhawk will replace the stock Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A-67B engines with the higher thermally rated PT6A-67P model in a program they’re calling the XP67P Engine+ Upgrade. Flight testing for this engine upgrade is projected to start in late Q1 of 2022. 

The XP67P engine technology utilizes improved metallurgy which allows a higher Internal Turbine Temperature (ITT) limitation of 850°C compared to the stock -67B’s 800°C limitation for takeoff. More impressively, maximum continuous ITT for climb and cruise is 760°C for the -67B and 820°C for the XP67P. Further, the PT6A-67P is a 1200 shaft horsepower (SHP) engine that produces 142 more thermodynamic horsepower than the stock PT6A-67B. The combination of the higher ITT and thermo produced by the -67P engine enables operators to utilize full torque to more efficient cruising altitudes. Where the stock -67B starts losing power at 13,000 feet, the XP67P can maintain full power to 23,000 feet. 

“Building upon the success of our existing Caravan engine upgrades, adding the Pilatus PC-12 platform to our growing list of STCs was a natural evolution for the aftermarket engine upgrade business that Blackhawk was built on,” said Jim Allmon, Blackhawk’s President and CEO. “Our foundation of innovation continues to carry us to new and exciting heights, and we look forward to welcoming PC-12 owners and operators into the Blackhawk family.” 

Blackhawk’s market research shows that there are 1,700 total PC-12 models in operation, making it the second largest single-engine turboprop market behind the Cessna Caravan. With more than 600 of the PC-12s eligible for the XP67P upgrade, many of the aircraft in the addressable market are at, or close to, an overhaul event, which is the optimum opportunity to upgrade to new engines, bringing these aircraft up to factory standards. Further, operators will receive favorable core engine credit of $95 per hour for time remaining to the factory TBO if upgrading before overhaul. 

The XP67P Engine+ Upgrade includes one factory-new P&WC PT6A-67P engine and maintains the existing Hartzell four-blade aluminum propeller. Blackhawk plans to certify additional propeller options in the future to provide operators modularity in the upgrade package. 

For more information about the XP67P Engine+ Upgrade for the Pilatus PC-12, visit Blackhawk this week during NBAA in Las Vegas at booth #2445. Blackhawk will also host a press conference on Monday, October 11th at 11:00 AM PDT, in which SVP of Business Development, Bob Kromer, will present more details on the new program. 


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