Andrew Birrell, King Air B200

On the flight back [from Germany], we had an initial climb rate in excess of 2,500 feet per minute. We departed from EDMS, field elevation of 1,051 feet, and climbed to FL280 in around 16 minutes, 30 seconds. It was an ISA day on the ground, and ISA – 2°C at FL280. We had a TAS of 293 knots, on a fuel burn of around 315 pph per side. Even [with] a headwind of over 60 knots at some stages, we still managed to complete the 600 nm flight in just under 2 hours 30 minutes, including the usual ATC vectoring around London. All in all, I am very impressed with the [upgrade]!

Jack Silva, King Air B200

Airplane is running great. At FL250 one day I actually saw 311 on the true airspeed indicator, and it was still climbing slowly. I had to power back as I was right on the barber pole.

Ronald Hauck, King Air B200

The upgrade is incredible! We saved over an hour round trip from South Dakota to D.C. We zipped right up to FL330 with ice vanes deployed for most of the climb. These new engines will really carry the mail. There is no way we could have done that with the 42s. These new engines are amazing.

Malcolm Humphries, Capital Trading Ltd, King Air B200

We are very proud to be the first commercial operator in Europe with this fabulous new airplane. The King Air has always been a great aircraft; the Blackhawk is now the perfect European executive transport.

Brad Huddle, King Air 200

I have accumulated thousands of hours in various King Air models and this airplane with the 61s performs just like a King Air 300.

Mark Byrne, King Air B200

The performance improvement in climb and cruise is dramatic. We conduct the whole enroute cruise phase of our flights 10 knots below the barber pole, TAS 310. We are very pleased with the 61s!

John Rudolph, King Air B200

Our Blackhawk PT6A-61s have been a fantastic investment! The plane jumps off the runway, climbs straight up and settles in around 300 knots in normal cruise. We save time on each flight with power to spare. The 61s are a perfect fit for the King Air B200.

John Boike, King Air 200

Who wouldn’t want brand new, higher performing engines?

Hoss Maddry, King Air 200

Controllers gave me a compliment on my climb out of BTR. I was out of 7,000 feet when I reversed course crossing back abeam the airport after only a short climb out on runway heading. Houston Center asked what kind of King Air 200 could climb like that. I have received similar questions recently from Washington Center climbing out of EWN and SLC center climbing out RKS. I am sure you hear this kind of stuff all the time. It’s definitely a climbing machine. No big deal handling the sea level stuff, but for high-altitude airports, hot or cold, it’s night and day from the 41s.

Andy Gent, King Air 200

I must say that the engine upgrade makes the King Air a real pleasure to fly and operate. 305 -310 KTAS is easily achievable and the only red line approached is the barber’s pole!