Adam Winkler, King Air 200

The plane is awesome. We did Houston, Texas, to Allentown, Pennsylvania in 3 hours and 30 minutes last week. I think the airlines do that trip in three hours. Very impressed!

Robert Falk, King Air B200

Blackhawk engines going great, better than I thought they would be. Strong, very strong.

Gary Sumner, King Air B200

We climbed to FL320 in 15 minutes and were riding the barber pole with 80 degrees ITT margin. Do you have an MMO increase we can buy?

Dave Brown, King Air B200

We were climbing at 900 feet per minute at FL350 the other day testing out our new RVSM system. The 52 easily climbed to the service ceiling with plenty of power to spare.

Ken Haxel, King Air B200

Since upgrading to our 52 engines, we have seen a substantial performance increase. We typically cruise in the 290- to 300-knot range in the upper twenties. Hot day performance is great without the worry of high ITT during takeoff, and climb performance is very impressive. Overall we are very pleased with our new engines. Thank you, Blackhawk.