PANAYOTIS ANTYPAS Caravan -140 upgrade

“I really have no words to express how happy we are. This is how the Caravan 208 should have come from the factory.

Takeoff distance, climb performance, cruise speed, and if needed reverse for short distance landing. All better than expected.

The safety issue with an amazing rate of climb, even at extreme temperatures, when heavy from remote bush strips gives you confidence in case of an emergency. It will be difficult for a pilot to fly the good old Caravan with the standard engine once he flies the Blackhawk conversion.”

Eli Nelles, Director of Maintenance

“The airplane is performing great…….and the pilots are enjoying the performance of the aircraft, adds a great deal of safety margin when traversing the Brooks Range.”

Peter Fox, Owner & CEO, Safari Airlink

“We have upgraded four out of five caravans and the kit has just arrived for the fifth. The obvious benefits are performance as well as the saving of airframe and engine hours. Slightly less obvious is the saving of crew flight and duty time. Blackhawk has good reputation for reliable products and good backup. We are very happy with the upgrades.”

Cooper Gordon, Manager of Air Operations

“This mod is amazing!! The new -140 is pretty incredible. I wanted to thank you for working with us on this project and I really appreciate Blackhawk and their professionalism.  We just got back from a test flight and took the plane to 22,000 feet in 23 minutes.”

Andy Hediger, Aeroatelier XP140

“We are very exited as last Saturday we flew 22 loads! We could have flown 4 more loads but had to stop activities because of thunderstorms. Our prior record was set at a maximum of 16 loads per day. We can already feel much more power, less consumption, and shorter climb times. Only descent times are longer as the prop is bigger. We are very happy with the result, especially the skydivers. They really could feel the difference so we hope with these results we will be more attractive in the future, which will makes us grow as the main drop zone in Argentina!”


Urs Schildknecht, Owner, Northern Rockies Lodge

We are super happy with the performance of our Caravan on the Wipline 8000 Amphibian floats here in the mountain lakes of Northern B.C. If you need a reference, please do not hesitate to use Liard Air and Northern Rockies Lodge as a customer contact.