LJ-1700: Ass Kickin

“It’s a great upgrade, the engines really make a difference. We were flying at 22, 23 and now we are 27,28. The range increase is incredible!”

Kyle McMahan, King Air C90

I could not be happier with the engine mods and my partners are as well. We’ve noticed reduced trip times on our regular flights that have impressed everybody. The additional safety margin and auto feather we never had before has made a good airplane great.

Ray Bailey, King Air F90

My Blackhawks have performed perfectly. They have been such a great addition to the F90.

Hampton Pitts, King Air C90A

LOVE THE ENGINES! It’s great to have the extra speed, especially with headwinds! And climb at high density altitudes is outstanding. A fantastic decision I highly recommend! Thank you for having such a great mod available!

James Pittenger, King Air C90

Thanks for building a great airplane for me. The Blackhawk conversion is fast, strong and safe. I have more confidence in this airplane than any of its predecessors. Keep the engineering coming.

Bob Schroeder, King Air C90

I would do the Blackhawk conversion again in a heartbeat!

Tom Abood, King Air C90A

I have had a wonderful experience with my C90-Axp. The Blackhawk modification has delivered as promised in performance. I’m so impressed that I have given the go ahead to install the Blackhawk Extra Range Fuel Lockers so that I can travel even farther in my King Air. Eliminating a fuel stop will save time and money!

Dan Greenwald, King Air C90

After adding a few panel enhancements we began to think about other possible improvements. The array of options is quite large, but nothing offered the type of major performance gains described in the Blackhawk literature. I am thrilled with the performance and have had great support from the company.

Paul Sturgeon, King Air C90

Performance is spectacular with 3,800 fpm rates of climb and TAS of 276 kts. Not bad for a 1978 C90!

Xavier Marchant, King Air C90A

I have flown about 100 hours now with my new Blackhawk engines (XP135A). I have to say that I’m delighted with the performance. I can fly with 7 people and full fuel at 260 kts (average) at FL240 over 1,000 NM. That’s impressive! This is like having a new plane. I definitely recommend the upgrade!