Jim Irwin, Conquest I, Irwin International

The service provided by Blackhawk was exceptional, and the engines are now installed on the Conquest. I flew it for the first time this weekend and they worked great. Thanks to everyone at Blackhawk for great service on my new engine.

Jay Norton, Conquest I

I picked up the plane on Thursday, flew it home at FL250 and got 285 KTAS with 775 ITT. Flew to the West Coast Bay Area and got 283 KTAS at FL260 with 775 ITT. Nice!

Mark Nevil, Chief Pilot, Key Con-Air, Conquest I

On a recent trip back to ICT from HIO, we made it nonstop in 3 hours 55 min. It was 1,285 miles flown at FL250. Landed with 700 lbs of fuel. I’m quite certain that could never be done with stock 112s. The owners were quite impressed. Time and time again the engines prove to be the best money we have ever spent on our Conquest.

Herb Buchwald, Conquest I

In short, it was the best investment we ever made – and the efforts to make the experience smooth and enjoyable by Blackhawk were astonishing. Your performance representations were right on the mark. It has been several years since the installation and we could not be happier.

Albert Sickinger, Conquest I

I am very happy with the 135A engines, now that I have 366 hours on them. I have no regrets and am glad I made the switch to the new engines. I think that the Conquest I is a far better airplane with these engines than with the original 112.

Bob Munday, Conquest I

We are very happy with the recent PT6A-135A upgrade to our aging (1983) aircraft. It has really given new life to the old girl.