Michael Miklus, Cheyenne II

It climbs at 2,000 FPM at the same speed I used to cruise at. I have seen barber pole speeds on every flight since I put my new Blackhawk’s on and still have power to spare.

Jim Costello, Cheyenne II

I couldn’t be happier with the 135A’s. I save about 30 to 45 minutes on most of my flights and my fuel cost has stayed the same. It’s just fun to fly.

Randy Kerns, Cheyenne II

The engines made an old, tired Cheyenne an incredible machine.

Dan Rogers, Cheyenne I

I’m so glad I did the upgrade. I had very high expectations on the performance promised by Blackhawk, and Blackhawk came through with flying colors!

Jeff Mickler, Cheyenne I

The XP engine upgrade has exceeded my expectations and is by far the best aftermarket investment I have ever made on any aircraft. Having extra horsepower at the right hand makes the Blackhawk Cheyenne an absolute thrill to fly.

Jim Costello, Cheyenne II

Just over a year ago I sold the Cheyenne in one day to a very happy buyer. Your engines made the deal!! Your engines got me started on going faster 265-70 KTAS and now I’ve moved up to 365 KTAS at FL410. Thanks again!