Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System

Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System

Increased Lift for Optimized Performance

By increasing the efficiency of engine airflow, the Raisebeck Ram Air Recovery System (RARS) increases your King Air 200’s engine performance in normal and anti-ice conditions. The system effectively decreases ITT by 18° at equal torque, reducing fuel flow and increasing range, while preventing FOD and enhancing your aircraft’s all-weather capabilities.

Upgrades Available For

  • King Air 200

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  • Significantly improved climb and cruise performance with ice vanes stowed or deployed
  • 18° cooler engine ITT at equal torque
  • 8% increase in available horsepower
  • 8% to 11% block fuel savings (as part of a Raisbeck EPIC package)
  • Ice vanes may be deployed at any time including taxi and takeoff when OAT is ISA +27°C (as part of a Raisbeck EPIC package)  

ITT Reduction

  • Utilizes Coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow vectoring
  • Full inlet plenum sealing through unique full-body diaphragms

Further Enhancements

RARS maximum performance gains are obtained when paired with Raisbeck/Hartzell Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers as their twist extends all the way to the spinner, driving high-pressure air into the engine inlet.


Reduce Torque Loss with Ice Vanes Deployed

The patented Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System maximizes airflow to the engine inlet, allowing the engine to retain the same power regardless of ice vane deployment. With the RARS, you experience consistent speed and power as you climb through clouds or inclement weather with ice vanes deployed. With the ice vanes stowed, you experience increased power and speed while saving fuel – all at lower engine temperatures.

Protect Against Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

With the Raisbeck/Hartzell Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers, or any EPIC[SS1] [CA2]  package prop, ice vanes may be deployed at any time – including on the ground, during takeoff, and for landing – when OAT is up to ISA +27ׄ°C. Use of ice vanes on RARS-equipped aircraft on the ground and during takeoff and landing minimizes the risk of foreign object damage. For this reason, the U.S. Army has equipped its entire C-12 fleet with the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System.

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Phoenix, By Blackhawk

Phoenix, By Blackhawk

Your Aircraft, Reborn

Phoenix By Blackhawk is a complete nose-to-tail upgrade transformation for your King Air or Conquest I, delivering the custom aircraft you’ve always dreamed it could be for considerable savings over buying new.

Upgrades Available For

  • Conquest I
  • King Air 200
  • King Air 300
  • King Air 350/350ER
  • King Air 90

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  • Improved speed, climb, and power performance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased comfort
  • Better ramp appeal
  • Latest technology
  • Greater payload and mission capability


  • New increased horsepower Blackhawk XP Engine Upgrade
  • Choice of latest avionics technology:
    • Collins Pro Line 21 with ADS-B, WAAS GPS with LPV and updated PFD/MFD screens
    • Garmin G1000 NXi w/ADS-B and WAAS GPS
    • Dual Garmin G600 TXi with Garmin 750/650 ADS-B/WAAS GPS with LPV
    • BendixKing AeroVue (B200 only). Includes full cockpit upgrade with autopilot, radar, NAVS, COMS, GPS, ADS-B transponders, Bluetooth audio
    • Pro Line Fusion
    • Electroluminescent cockpit panels

Upgrade Includes

  • XP Engine Upgrade
  • New or freshly overhauled propellers
  • Phoenix signature custom paint
  • Phoenix signature custom interior
  • Full cockpit refurbishment, including electroluminescent panels
  • New window polarizers or window shades for King Airs
  • Glass cockpit avionics
  • Fresh annual inspection
  • New Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) ESP® Gold for first 400 hours or two years on new engines
  • Warranties that include five years or 2500 hours on the engines, two years on avionics, and one year on paint


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