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Breathe New Life Into Your Aircraft

Elevate your aircraft into a class all its own with the Phoenix by Blackhawk upgrade. Each Phoenix package encompasses a complete nose-to-tail customization of legacy aircraft including new or low-time Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades, new or low-time propellers, fresh paint, new modern interiors, glass cockpit avionics, and fresh inspections. To qualify for the program, the aircraft must be of a high pedigree, with impeccable logs since new and no major damage history.

Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades
An XP Engine+ Upgrade from Blackhawk provides operators with a more economical, more powerful, and more efficient engine with the strongest resale value of any engine upgrade on the market.

New Glass Cockpit Avionics
Experience the latest in glass cockpit technology with the Phoenix package. Approved systems include the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21/Fusion and Garmin G1000NXi.

Fresh Propellers
Each Phoenix aircraft features freshly-overhauled or low-time propellers. 

Fresh Custom Paint
Each Phoenix aircraft is unique and fully customized to your preferences. Fresh, sleek paint instantly differentiates your Phoenix from the flock.

New Modern Phoenix Interiors
Custom-designed Phoenix interiors are light years ahead of even brand-new aircraft interiors, and bring a jet-like luxury to your aircraft.

All Logs Since New
All logs and records are consecutive and complete since new, and in a high-quality professional format. The aircraft is placed on a comprehensive digital maintenance system to ensure clear and concise tracking of all maintenance events.

Fresh Inspections
All Phoenix aircraft will undergo a complete maintenance phase inspection as required by the respective aircraft manufacturer. 

No Major Damage History
Phoenix aircraft are held to the highest standards, therefore aircraft with major damage history will not qualify. 


Phoenix Testimonials

What Owners and Operators are Saying

The magic of the Phoenix is that the aircraft is so much better than the sum of its performance upgrades. Jim carefully manages every detail of the renewal with the purpose of creating a brand-new and exciting aircraft. His success can be measured by the enthusiasm of the aircraft pilots, the relaxed and total comfort of its passengers, and the attention of fellow aircraft owners on the ramp. Many are commenting that 979SL is the sexiest plane on the field. The Trefethen Family are all certainly Blackhawk Ambassadors!

John Trefethen, Conquest I N979SL, Phoenix by Blackhawk

I did a type ride with a guy who also operates a 350 today. He was smitten with my plane. The product you’ve put together really is outstanding. Paint looks stunning, the interior is beautiful, the cockpit looks better than a new plane, and of course the performance is just phenomenal! Your attention to detail on everything far exceeded my expectations. The “Phoenix” brand has a bright future. 

Cody Pierce, King Air 350 FL-48, Phoenix by Blackhawk

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