Blackhawk News

July 10, 2014

Three Things To Know Before Overhauling Your PT6 Engines

A large majority of Blackhawk customers upgrade their aircraft as they are approaching the dreaded overhaul. After 15 years serving the industry as the engine upgrade experts, we have made some observations of common issues pilots face when making a major decision regarding engine life. We’ve put together a list of 3 things to make a note of as you weigh your options.

  1. Engine overhauls almost always cost more than the quoted price. Unforeseen expenses are a significant unknown and can add up quickly.
  2. Engine overhauls result in no aircraft performance gains. You’ll see the same speeds and climb rates as before. Chief pilot of Blackhawk-equipped King Air B200 BB-1627, Alan Bass, recently told us that when facing the question of overhauling vs upgarding, he had told his boss, “it made no sense to spend over $700,000 on an overhaul and have the same mediocre performance.”
  3. Engine overhauls add little to your aircraft’s resale value. According to VREF, Blackhawk-equipped aircraft recoup 100% of the cost of the upgrade in the aircraft resale value.

With Blackhawk’s engine upgrades, you pay a fixed-price. No hidden or unexpected costs. And with higher cruise speeds and climb rates, you get a lot more airplane for not much more money. Call a Blackhawk engine expert today for performance and pricing details.