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May 23, 2017

PRESS RELEASE | Blackhawk Unveils Next Generation Vx Engine+ Upgrade for the Cessna Caravan

Blackhawk Vx Engine+ Upgrade Cessna Caravan MT 5-Blade Composite Prop

WACO, TX – May 21, 2017 – Blackhawk Modifications, Inc., worldwide leader in aftermarket PT6A engine upgrades for turboprop aircraft, is proud to announce the new Blackhawk Vx Engine+ Upgrade package for the Cessna Caravan. This package is comprised of lightweight components to maximize efficiency, thereby lowering maintenance and overhaul costs. The upgrade includes an 850 SHP PT6A-42A engine with a newly designed and more efficient compressor, a lightweight composite cowling, new Hawkeye DigiLog gauges by Howell Instruments, as well as an optional MT 5-blade composite propeller assembly. While the Hartzell 3- and 4-blade props are still available as options, the MT 5-blade composite props are 30 pounds lighter and reduce noise levels to comply with the stringent 78 dBa European takeoff noise requirements.

The Vx Engine+ Upgrade package also offers the option of a new True Blue Power lithium-ion battery and a 325-amp starter generator, both of which reduce start temperatures thereby increasing engine life and lowering maintenance costs. Further efficiencies are provided by a newly designed air conditioning intake that maximizes cabin cooling by as much as 15°F. Additionally, a redesigned bleed valve duct system removes the requirement for silicon seals, which lowers maintenance costs and enables the engine to operate much more smoothly at low power settings such as taxi and descent. Customers have an option of dual exhaust stacks. The Globe climb exhaust stacks lower ITT by 20°C in climb over Frakes stacks. Alternatively, the small Frakes speed stacks provide operators with a speed increase of up to five KTAS in cruise.

Blackhawk is now taking orders for the Vx Engine+ Upgrade. Contact Blackhawk or an Authorized Dealer for pricing information.

Attendees of the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) may also meet with the Blackhawk Team in Booth T51, May 22-24 in Geneva, Switzerland.


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