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October 16, 2018

PRESS RELEASE | Blackhawk Celebrates Milestone Achievement: 800 Engine+ Upgrades Sold

Phoenix Edition King Air C90-1 Paint Scheme LJ-1012

Pictured above: The Phoenix-edition 1982 King Air C90-1 on display at EAA AirVenture 2018 where 800th customers Gregg and Jan Goodall first saw the airplane.
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ORLANDO, Florida – October 15, 2018 – Blackhawk Modifications, Inc. is proud to announce that with the sale of the Phoenix-edition King Air C90-1 pictured above, the Company has achieved 800 XP Engine+ Upgrades sold since their start in 1999.

This aircraft is equipped with Blackhawk’s XP135A Engine+ Upgrade, which the new owners, Gregg and Jan Goodall, cited as one of the key deciding factors in the purchase decision.

“There was never a moment that we considered a purchase without the XP135A engines either already installed or to be installed immediately after the time of purchase – anything less was a non-starter,” said Mr. Goodall. “Because our favorite destinations are out west, hot and high operations became a concern. Stock PT6A-21 engines on the older models just didn’t work very well in hot and high situations, even when carrying a modest payload. When I started researching options and talking to other King Air owners, I found that the Blackhawk XP135A Engine modification was the industry standard to improve overall performance – especially hot, high, and single-engine performance in the C90. The decision was a no brainer.”

The XP135A Engine+ Upgrade delivers a 36% increase in available horsepower over the stock engines. This additional horsepower equates to a 59% increase in climb rate, more than 270 KTAS in maximum cruise speed, and a 19,000-foot single engine service ceiling.

Phoenix Edition King Air C90-1 Panel LJ-1012Pictured above: Gregg and Jan Goodall’s Phoenix-upgraded panel in the 1982 King Air C90-1.
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In addition to the factory-new engines, the Phoenix-edition King Air C90-1 was also upgraded with the Phoenix signature paint and interior design, Raisbeck EPIC package, and new Garmin glass panel avionics. The panel includes two G600TXi EFIS displays, the WAAS-enabled GTN 650 and GTN 750, the GTX 335 transponder for ADS-B Out, and the L3 Lynx transponder for ADS-B In and Out.

“We were immediately impressed with all aspects of the Phoenix package,” said Mr. Goodall. “I have to remind myself that this is a 1982 model C90-1 because it looks brand new inside and out. It has terrific ramp appeal, I think you have a winning program here.”

Gregg and Jan are based in Breckenridge, Texas and plan to use the airplane primarily for personal operations with occasional business trips as they arise.

Phoenix Edition King Air C90-1 Upgraded Interior LJ-1012

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Pictured above: The Phoenix signature interior installed on Gregg and Jan Goodall’s 1982 King Air C90-1.
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“Reaching 800 XP Engine+ Upgrades is a monumental accomplishment for Blackhawk,” said Jim Allmon, Blackhawk’s President & CEO. “Blackhawk’s engine upgrades have pioneered positive change on many production turboprop models while re-energizing legacy aircraft to like-new performance, safety, and value standards. There is a lot of life remaining in these venerable turboprops and the Phoenix program lets them shine brighter than ever before. We are thrilled to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Goodall into the Blackhawk family and wish them success with their Phoenix-edition King Air C90.”

Blackhawk will formally recognize Mr. and Mrs. Goodall as the Company’s 800th XP Engine+ Upgrade customer at their NBAA press conference on October 15th at 10:00 AM Eastern in room N220A.

To learn more about the XP135A Engine+ Upgrade or the Phoenix program, join Blackhawk in booth #4119 at NBAA in Orlando, FL held October 16-18.