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May 13, 2015

Blackhawk’s New PT6A-140 Engine Upgrade for the Cessna Caravan Nears Certification

PT6A 140 Engine Upgrade

May 13, 2015 – Waco, TX

Blackhawk Modifications announces that FAA Certification is imminent for a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140 new engine upgrade for the Cessna 208 Caravan and 208B Grand Caravan. This is the same 867 horsepower engine currently used by Cessna on the Caravan EX. Due to growing demand for extra horsepower from European Caravan operators, EASA certification will follow the FAA approval. Available in June, 2015 in the USA, the factory new PT6A-140 upgrade offers an increase in available horsepower to 867, up from the 600 or 675 horsepower on Caravans equipped with PT6A-114 or PT6A-114A engines. The result of this 28-44% increase in available horsepower will enable like-new levels of aircraft performance and load carrying capabilities.

Included with the Blackhawk XP upgrade is a newly developed 325 amp starter/generator, a higher capacity engine oil cooler and a 106” three blade Hartzell propeller that is currently used on the Caravan EX. These upgrades offer Caravans operating throughout Europe the performance capabilities needed to effectively complete high-demand mission profiles. Operators will also benefit from lower engine starting and oil temperatures due to the higher-capacity starter/generator and oil cooler.

“Caravans are workhorses”, states Jim Allmon, Blackhawk’s President and CEO. “Many commercial operators utilize short runways, carrying heavy loads in hot and high conditions. Additionally, those Caravan owners who operate off water will enjoy the capability to get up on step faster, reducing stress on the airframe and allowing operations from smaller bodies of water. With the additional horsepower of our upgrade, operators get a whole new operating experience from their Caravan. This upgrade will instantly increase mission capability, resulting in increased profits with better safety margins not to mention the added benefit of a significant increase in speed. Operators will also be very pleased with the near plug and play, bolt on simplicity of the PT6A-140 engine and associated kit. The cowl, exhaust and engine mounts are all reused, which makes the Blackhawk XP140 upgrade the lowest priced new-engine upgrade available on the market.” Blackhawk is taking orders now for June/July deliveries.

For more information on the progress of EASA certification and availability of Blackhawk’s new 867 horsepower PT6A-140 upgrade or the existing 850 horsepower PT6A-42A upgrade for the Caravan, visit a Blackhawk representative at EBACE Booth #D023, or contact the company direct in the USA at 254-755-6711 or