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May 30, 2017

King Air 350 XP67A Milestone Update | May 2017

Blackhawk King Air 350 XP67A Engine+ Upgrade 5.30.17


We are now about a month away from receiving the STC for the XP67A Engine + Upgrade.

Some recent updates for you:

  • We have satisfactorily completed all the intensive and exacting FAA certification flight tests and have flown over 120 hours in total.
  • We have submitted all the certification reports to the FAA.
  • Our certification King Air 350 (N555ZA) was really put to the test. We operated the airplane at the extreme ends of the flight envelope and it just shrugged, accepting each challenging test condition and simply moved on to the next. A real tribute to the solid integrity of the Textron / Beech King Air basic airframe design as well as a testimony of the rock-solid application of Blackhawk engineering in the incorporation of the more powerful XP67A package. It’s a real pilot and passenger pleasing combination.


Next up, we wait for the FAA to review the data and issue the STC.

  • Certification efforts are underway for both Collins Proline 21 and Garmin G1000 equipped aircraft. The Proline 21 will require the “Airspace Modernization” STC which can include many new and improved features such as ADS-B, LPV, Synthetic Vis, etc. Pricing will vary depending on what you already have, and what you want.
  • The $100,000 pre-certification discount will be available through the end of July, where we will display our King Air 350 at the EAA Airventure event at Oshkosh. Come see us at Booth #307 in the Main Aircraft Display.
  • Delivery positions are limited so please contact us to reserve a time slot that will work within your schedule.


We know our XP67A program will give King Air 350 operators jet-like climb and cruise performance. We are also confident it will deliver that performance safely, reliably, and unfailingly. We are excited because we know it will change the way people think about the King Air 350 performance and capability and once again, we will pioneer in the next generation King Air.


Blackhawk King Air 350 XP67A KTAS 5.30.17