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February 9, 2017

King Air 350 XP67A Milestone Update | February 2017

King Air 350 XP67A Engine+ Upgrade with the MT 5 Blade Propeller

In our ongoing XP67A Engine+ Upgrade program for the King Air 350, we have achieved some milestones in our FAA certification program:

  1. We have now completed 50 hours of flight testing with the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A engine and MT 5-blade composite propeller.
  2. The cowling inlet passed the efficiency testing and actually improved as a result of this engine/propeller combination.
  3. For takeoff and initial climb performance, the XP67A can achieve 1050 SHP on a 35°C or hotter day (for airports below 12,000′).
  4. The XP67A generates a lot more power at altitude – 22% more at FL250 and 29% more at FL350.
  5. There is no minimum prop RPM for ground operations (feature of the 5-blade props).
  6. The package will now include 2 freshly overhauled starter generators (300 amps).
  7. We are on schedule to receive the XP67A STC from the FAA in June 2017.

More so than any of our other Engine+ Upgrades, the XP67A is one that is best understood and appreciated through a demo flight due to the dramatic performance improvement. We are now scheduling a demo flight tour from May through June of 2017. If you are interested in participating in a demo flight, please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Lindsay Allmon, at or +1 (254) 755-6711, and we will try to schedule a demo location near you.

Blue skies,

The Blackhawk Team