Blackhawk News

August 17, 2017

King Air 350 XP67A Milestone Update | August 2017

Blackhawk Modifications Engineering Team


We were hoping that we would have the XP67A STC in hand before sending out another update, but we’re told that we will not have the STC for another week or so. The delay is simply a procedural matter within the FAA that is out of our control.

Some positive news to share –

  • We had our XP67A demonstrator King Air 350 (FL-48) on display at the airshow in Oshkosh a couple weeks ago. It received a warm reception from many more King Air 350 owners and operators. Our SVP of Engineering, Bob Kromer, presented the program in detail during a press conference. You can find a copy of that presentation here for your review.
  • We have now received 9 deposits for delivery positions which will begin shortly after we receive the STC.
  • A purchase agreement for our demonstrator 350 is now in place which yielded a 100% net return on the investment of the XP67A program. This is an important step in establishing the resale value of this new program which is consistent with all our other XP Engine+ Upgrades. Engines remain the number one value center when appraising the worth of an aircraft and new, zero time / cycle engines bring the most value.
  • We are still accepting refundable deposits for delivery positions and will hold the $100,000 pre-certification discount in place through August.
  • All our engineering efforts are now focused on the King Air 350ER at 16,500 MTOW.
  • We are including a $50,000 avionics credit to be applied to updating the Proline 21 Airspace Modernization STC or the new G1000 NXI STC.

Thank you for your time today. We’ll reach out again soon with more news on our STC certification efforts.