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February 27, 2018

King Air 350 Milestone Update | $50,000 Avionics Credit

The new Blackhawk XP67A Engine+ Upgrades are now rocketing through the skies. The first several installations have been on King Air 350’s with the Collins Proline 21 avionics system, which has been STC approved for the past month.

Coupling the engine upgrade with the looming ADS-B mandate will save you downtime and money as there are many similar prerequisites between the ADS-B Out and XP67A Proline 21 upgrades. Blackhawk will continue to offer a generous $50,000 avionics modernization discount to help offset your costs. You are going to need ADS-B Out sooner than later, and combining it with your Blackhawk Engine+ Upgrade makes good business sense. We will still offer the credit to those already equipped with ADS-B.

For those of you with the Garmin G1000, we anticipate G1000 NXi STC approvals in April and the same $50,000 avionics modernization credit is being offered to upgrade to the latest and greatest NXi version. Needless to say, April will be a busy time for us once Garmin receives the software revision to their STC that displays our XP67A engine markings.

Some good news – the results are in! Below are some comments from Matthew Miller, the pilot of one of the first XP67A upgrades, after 30 hours of operation:

  • This upgrade is beyond our expectations.
  • Fully loaded, we leveled off at FL310 in 14 minutes.
  • Our east and west normal cruise speeds are consistently 30 to 40 knots (KTAS) faster.
  • The most impressive thing to me as a pilot is the climb. I deployed the vanes to climb above weather and didn’t fall below 1000 feet per minute all the way up.
  • We saved 40 minutes from Las Vegas to our hometown of Colombia, MS – a 1200NM trip. The boss is very happy.
  • The new engines like to fly higher where the speed stays up and the fuel burn goes down. Our overall fuel consumption per trip is about the same.
  • The props are so much quieter on the ground we can’t even hear the engines running.

We interviewed Matthew after his acceptance flight with the XP67A – watch his experience below.

Out of all the many Engine+ Upgrade programs that Blackhawk has developed for the King Air over the decades, this one offers the most differentiation. There isn’t another King Air in the world that can compete with the speed, efficiency, and utility that the XP67A delivers. We are thrilled to continue to innovate in the King Air market and offer solutions that expand your aviation capabilities, lowers operational costs, and saves you time.

We would love to help you start planning your customized upgrade program. For more information, please feel free to give us a call any time at +1 (254) 755 6711.