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October 21, 2022

Blackhawk Completes Pilatus Baseline Flight Testing, Begins Testing XP67P Engine+ Upgrade for the PC-12

ORLANDO, Florida – October 18, 2022 – Aftermarket upgrade leader, Blackhawk Aerospace, announced today that they have completed baseline flight testing for their new Pilatus PC-12 engine upgrade program. With baseline testing complete, they have now installed and are flying the higher horsepower PT6A-67P, which is expected to receive FAA certification in Q2 of 2023 with EASA approval following shortly thereafter.

As Blackhawk moves through the STC process, the company is offering owners and operators the opportunity to secure their delivery position with a pre-certification contract and has received a total of five deposits thus far.

“We are excited to be one of Blackhawk’s initial customers for the XP67P Upgrade,” said one early adopter. “As a family-owned business serving remote communities in harsh climates, the added performance made this an easy choice compared to overhaul.”

“Pre-certification orders are an important metric for gauging how successful a new STC program will be,” said Jim Allmon, Blackhawk’s President and CEO. “Having five contracts in the pipeline prior to obtaining the STC serves as great supporting evidence for the fact that we have a fantastic program to offer the PC-12 market.”

Blackhawk’s upgrade replaces the stock Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A-67B engine with a higherpowered and more efficient PT6A-67P model, which Blackhawk calls the XP67P. Operators will be able to maintain their existing propeller configuration and Blackhawk plans to certify additional propeller options in the future to provide modularity in the upgrade package.

Pictured above: Factory-New PT6A-67P next to the stock PT6A-67B.
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The XP67P engine technology utilizes improved metallurgy which allows a higher Internal Turbine Temperature (ITT) limitation of 850°C compared to the stock -67B’s 800°C limitation for takeoff. More impressively, maximum continuous ITT for climb and cruise is 760°C for the -67B and 820°C for the XP67P. Further, the PT6A-67P is a 1200 shaft horsepower (SHP) engine that produces 142 more thermodynamic horsepower than the stock -67B. The combination of the higher ITT and increased thermodynamic horsepower produced by the XP67P engine enables operators to utilize full torque to more efficient cruising altitudes. On an ISA day, the stock -67B starts losing power at 15,000 feet, whereas the XP67P can maintain full power to FL250.

Not only does the XP67P conversion deliver improved performance, it also supports the operator’s bottom line. Many pre-certification customers called the Blackhawk upgrade a “no brainer” in comparison to the costly overhaul alternative. Factory-new engines allow operators to avoid overhaul unknowns while also directly bolstering the resale value of the aircraft.

Blackhawk continues to accept pre-certification orders to lock in delivery positions for PC-12 operators.

For more information about the XP67P Engine+ Upgrade for the Pilatus PC-12, visit Blackhawk this week during NBAA-BACE in Orlando at booth #4819. You can also learn more at or by calling +1 (254) 755 6711.