Blackhawk News

May 24, 2022

Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies Announces Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Authorization

COLUMBIA, Missouri – May 24, 2022 – Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies announced today that they have received the FAA’s sign-off for Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Authorization. This PMA Authorization allows a manufacturer to produce and sell modification and replacement articles for installation on type-certified products. This addition to our capabilities will support upgrades and allow our vendors to have a shorter downtime for these projects.

“With Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies, Inc. obtaining PMA Authorization, we can enhance our services to our customer network,” said Conrad Theisen, BAT’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “We will have the ability to not only provide custom avionics electrical interface drawings, but also to provide kits that support installation shops with wire harnesses, antenna doublers, instrument panels and kitting up parts to facilitate an easier installation, allowing for shorter downtime and fewer manhours on the project.”

Pictured above: Wire fabrication at the BAT facility in Columbia

With this PMA Authorization, BAT’s initial focus will be to design articles to pair with the following STCs:

•Citation Jet 525 Garmin Avionics Modernization

•Citation S550/560 Garmin G700 & GTN to include our 550/560 Glareshield modification.

Articles include wire harnesses and sheet metal parts to support the upgrade. We will also be producing King Air enhancements in the future.

BAT is committed to growing our PMA capabilities and support and look forward to working with our dealer network on these efforts. For more information about the PMA Authorization, call us at +1 (309) 314 4169 to receive a personalized quote.