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July 25, 2016

Press Release – The XP140 Engine+ Upgrade is at 20 Installations and Counting!

OSHKOSH, WI, July 25, 2016 – Blackhawk Modifications, Inc., the world’s leading provider for new engine STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) upgrades for turboprop aircraft, has completed the 20th installation of their recently certified XP140 New Engine+ Upgrade, featuring the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-140 engine.

The 20th installation was completed with the certification being approved for less than a year. It is a huge milestone in the company’s 17-year history of growth and success to have such a large demand for the upgrade in so little of a timeframe. Due to the seamless installation that retains the existing cowl and exhaust, as well as an increase to 867 SHP, it is the most economical engine upgrade available for the Caravan. Isaac Edwards, the Direct of Maintenance for Georgetown Management stated, “I have been getting rave reviews regarding the performance of the motor and all seem to be very impressed, including the owner!” Georgetown Management upgraded their Cessna Caravan 208 in April replacing the existing PT6A-114A engine with a factory-new PT6A-140.

Peter Fox, owner of Fly Safari Airlink, enjoyed much success with the PT6A-140 and plans to upgrade a second aircraft this year. “It is much more cost effective for us in the longer routes. Not only do we get our customers to their destination more quickly, but we save engine and airframe time on our ‘new’ Caravans.” Fly Safari upgraded their Caravan 208B in February and is already planning their second installation.

The XP140 New Engine+ Upgrade is certified with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), EASA (Europe Aviation Safety Agency) and the ANAC (Agência Nacional De Aviacāo Civil) in Brazil. Blackhawk is excited to see the program expand and is looking forward to the opportunities that the certification allows for international operators.

Blackhawk President and CEO Jim Allmon said of the XP140 program, “My role is to understand what Cessna Caravan operators need and then deliver results in the most cost effective way. When Pratt & Whitney specifically designed the PT6A-140 engine for the Caravan, we knew we could achieve our objectives and hit a home run for Caravan operators. This simple new engine exchange retains the existing cowl and exhaust system making it the most economical engine upgrade available. It also features the most advanced PT6 technology and metallurgy which delivers mammoth performance gains in takeoff, climb and cruise further expanding the utility, value, safety and desire of the Caravan. Horsepower is what Caravan operators are craving and is the reason why the XP140 has had global success.”

“Given the expertise of Blackhawk, and the tremendous market acceptance of the PT6A-140 engine, it comes as no surprise that the XP140 New Engine+ Upgrade has become as successful as quickly as it has,” says Denis Parisien, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC. “Our view on the market told us clearly that there was a large in-service fleet that would benefit from engine-upgrade solutions. The PT6A-140 delivers a step change in performance while retaining the same installation and operational attributes of previous generations of the engine, making it ideal for retrofit programs such as the XP140 from Blackhawk.”

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