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April 13, 2018

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your King Air 90

King Air 90 XP135A Engine+ Upgrade 4.13.18


3 Reasons to Upgrade Your King Air 90 to
with the Blackhawk XP135A Engine+ Upgrade


Produce 36% more horsepower at altitude, reduce time to climb by 21%, and cruise at speeds 14% (25-32 ktas) faster than stock. Learn more about XP135A performance here.


Typical operations result in 10% (approximately $29,000) savings in annual operating costs. Plus, take advantage of brand-new engines and credit for time remaining on cores.


The 2017 U.S. Tax Cut and Jobs Act allows for 100% bonus depreciation this year for qualified engine purchases.


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“LOVE THE ENGINES! Great to have the extra speed, especially with headwinds! And climb at high density altitudes is outstanding. A fantastic decision…highly recommend!”

Hampton Pitts, XP135A King Air C90A, LJ-1071


Find out more about how Blackhawk can improve the performance, safety, and utility of your King Air 90 at