Blackhawk 325-Amp Starter Generator

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Blackhawk 325-Amp Starter Generator

Faster, cooler engine starts

The Blackhawk 325-Amp Starter Generator delivers faster and cooler engine start performance for Cessna Caravan and Grand Caravan and 325 amps of continuous power for the aircraft and specific payloads. A replacement for the factory 200-amp starter, this technology makes no change to aircraft operating limitations, from ground to service ceiling.

Upgrades Available For

  • Caravan
  • Grand Caravan

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  • Starts the engine in significantly less time
  • Drastically lowers starting temperature
  • Lowers average peak start temperature, preserving the hot section
  • 1,500-hour “No Touch” TBO


  • 28-volt, 325-amps – both a starter and a generator
  • Engine-driven and air cooled with an integral fan and ram air
  • Speed sensing switch provides over-speed protection and automatic shutoff
  • Mounted atop the accessory case


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