C-12 Huron – Life Cycle Extension Program

Life cycle extension program

For the C-12 HURON



3,600 hrs1


311+ ktas


820º C






1P&WC Enhanced New-Engine Warranty 2,500 hours/5 years with prorated coverage to the 3,600 hour TBO

More Power for Mission Success

The Blackhawk Aerospace C-12 Lifecycle Extension Program extends the operating life of legacy aircraft by exchanging obsolescent engine, propeller systems, and avionics with the modern, high-performance technology. The program includes new higher horsepower PT6A-52 engines, powerful composite MT-Propeller 5-blade props, and the advanced Garmin G1000 NXi integrated cockpit. The result is a high-performance transport aircraft with the power, performance, and capability to expand mission support while lowering operating costs. The C-12 Lifecycle Extension Program reduces fuel costs by $45,000 and maintenance costs by $42,000 annually per aircraft. 

For more than 20 years, Blackhawk Aerospace has conducted engineering evaluations and developed engine and propeller replacement solutions that boost aircraft capabilities. Our lifecycle extension program and performance upgrades solve obsolescence issues associated with legacy engine and propeller systems while dramatically expanding mission capabilities. With more than 37 aircraft performance upgrade solutions installed on 1,000+ military and commercial aircraft worldwide, Blackhawk Aerospace solutions deliver higher performance and increased safety margins in all levels of flight. 

Lifecycle Extension Program Benefits

See full list of what is included below.

Brand new PT6A-52 engines deliver more horsepower, letting you climb faster, increase payload, cruise at higher speeds, arrive sooner, and do more.

  • 31% increase in available horsepower – for increased capabilities
  • 25% increased climb rate – get to altitude faster
  • 311+ KTAS max cruise speed – arrive on station sooner
  • Full torque to FL260 – fly higher for greater fuel savings
  • 3,600 hrs enhanced engine warranty
  • 1,500 lbs increased payload
  • Lower operating costs

Fast and lightweight, 5-blade composite MT-Propellers props allow you to experience the full potential of your new, more powerful engines.

  • Composite construction reduces overall weight while increasing strength
  • Reduced vibration extends sensitive aircraft component life
  • More lift and thrust due to lower tip speeds that maintain smooth airflow
  • Unlimited blade life as composite blades are brought back to new condition during overhaul, avoiding replacement
  • Quieter as a result of shorter and smaller diameter blades, increased blade count, and slower tip speeds

Blackhawk’s Garmin G1000 NXi integrated glass cockpit provides full flight management system (FMS) capabilities with powerful graphics and rapid system start up for a more intuitive pilot interface.

  • FMS integrates all primary flight, navigation, weather, terrain, traffic, radio frequency, engine, and fuel data readouts in a clearer, simpler, and more intuitive interface
  • Simplified component integration with reduced wiring reduces overall aircraft weight
  • Powerful graphics rendering offers high speed zooming, panning, and map depiction for increased situational awareness
  • Rapid system startup delivers almost immediate access to avionics
  • Processing power, enhanced features, and growth-oriented technology help lower aircraft operating costs


By combining new engines, higher performance propellers, and a more technologically advanced cockpit, you will experience: 

  • Expanded Mission Capabilities 
  • More Durable and Reliable Aircraft 
  • Enhanced Safety 
  • Reduced Aircraft Weight by 250lbs or More 
  • Increased True Airspeed and Rate of Climb 
  • Faster Cruise Speed 
  • Increased Resale Value 
  • Decreased Time and Fuel to Climb 
  • Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs 
  • Access to More Airports 

What’s Included

  • Two Factory-New Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A-52 Engines (Exchange)
  • MT-Propeller 5-Blade Composite Propeller
  • Garmin G1000 NXI Integrated Cockpit
  • P&WC Enhanced New Engine Warranty 2,500 Hours/5 Years with Prorated Coverage to the 3,600-Hour TBO
  • Installation Kit and Drawings
  • STC Paperwork and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
  • Flight Manual Supplement
  • P&WC Engine Logbook and Blackhawk Logbook Case
  • Flight Manual Supplement
  • Blackhawk Cycle Book and Aircraft Decals
  • P&WC PT6 Line Maintenance Entitlement Training
  • Two-Year Subscription for P&WC Engine Maintenance/Parts Manuals
  • Blackhawk Lifetime Customer Support Guarantee
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Customer Training from FlightSafety International
  • Optional: Hawkeye Digilog Smart Gauges

frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my shop do the installation or does Blackhawk have to do the installation?

    Blackhawk does not perform installations. Although the installation is basically an engine change and can be done by any Pratt & Whitney Canada certified facility, we have found that you will save time and money if the upgrade is performed by any of our approved installation facilities worldwide. These facilities have the experience to complete the upgrade faster and with the higher exacting quality you demand.

  • What is the lead time on engine(s)?

    Blackhawk orders all engines a year in advance. We can usually deliver within 30-60 days or sooner. Call for timing on the next set of available engines.

  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes. We work with several banks that offer very competitive rates.

  • How does the Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrade affect resale value?

    To date, nearly every Blackhawk powered aircraft that has been resold within 500 hours of the upgrade has sold close to or higher than the combined investment of the airframe and engine(s). Resale value of Blackhawk powered aircraft remains strong in all markets. Many dealers are even speculating on Blackhawk powered aircraft.

  • How is Blackhawk different from other upgrades or overhaul?

    In addition to worldwide product support and product branding, Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades offer the following benefits:

    • Listings in Jetnet, AMSTAT, Aircraft Bluebook, and Vref
    • Worldwide market acceptance with the largest installed fleet of upgraded corporate size turboprop aircraft in the world
    • Full customer support department with on-staff technical support technician, customer service representative, and worldwide distribution and service center network
    • The Blackhawk Owner’s Group
    • The strongest resale value of any engine upgrade on the market
    • Approval by the FAA (United States), EASA (Europe), DGAC (Brazil)
  • Can I put my airplane on charter?

    Yes. In fact, many charter companies prefer operating aircraft upgraded with a Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrade because they are able to operate out of shorter, higher, and hotter runways.

  • Can I keep my core engine?

    Since the upgrade price already reflects the value of the cores, you can keep your core engine if you are willing to pay Pratt & Whitney Canada for the core. Prices will depend on core engine times.

  • My engine(s) still have time left to TBO, so should I wait until engines are due for an overhaul?

    Pratt & Whitney Canada (PW&C) offers an engine credit for every hour remaining to the factory TBO. To qualify, the core engine must have enough cycles on the life-limited components to make TBO and all records supporting the component times and cycles must be present and submitted. Waiting until TBO risks the possibility of a core engine problem, resulting in additional core charges from PW&C. Also, prices from P&WC increase every year, so waiting two or three years would mean a higher investment without any of the time-remaining credit.

  • How does an upgrade compare to buying a newer aircraft?

    Blackhawk offers transformative performance without the risks of buying new: Will you be able to sell your aircraft for the value you expect? Will there be unexpected costs to acquire your new aircraft? Will there be unexpected issues not uncovered by the pre-buy? Upgrading with Blackhawk eliminates uncertainty and the transactional costs of buying another aircraft while transforming the performance and utility of the aircraft you know best.

  • If I upgrade, does it make sense to wait until my next overhaul?

    Why wait to start enjoying the many benefits of an upgrade? Save money on every mission you fly, increase the capability of your aircraft, and take advantage of generous core credits for time remaining. Over half of Blackhawk’s customers upgrade with more than 500 hours remaining.

  • But won’t I burn more fuel?

    Yes, the fuel burn is greater at equal altitude. However, taking advantage of the increased climb performance and higher cruise speeds significantly narrows or eliminates the increase in fuel consumption. Also, utilizing the increased climb and cruise performance will reduce block times and deliver a significant reduction in overall operating costs. Typically, any increase in fuel cost will be offset by a larger reduction in direct operating costs. We’ve done the math, it pays to fly faster!

  • Won’t an upgrade cost more than an overhaul?

    Yes, you’ll spend more on an upgrade than an overhaul, but you’ll have so much more to show for it: increased earning ability, better resale value, enhanced safety, reduced operating costs and a better flying experience.

Stretch Your Budget

The Life Cycle Extension Program allows your operation to experience cost savings, helping you to do more with less.

  • Lower operating costs than stock engines
  • Pratt & Whitney core engine credits up to $60 per hour per engine for every hour remaining to the factory TBO
  • Strongest resale value of any engine upgrade on the market
  • 3,600 Hour TBO with escalation available for fleet operators
  • Faster speeds and climb save time on each mission and experience fuel savings

How can we serve you?

Learn how your agency can experience improved performance, increased reliability, a higher safety margin, and reduced overall costs. Contact us for a technical briefing on how an Engine+ Upgrade can cost effectively boost your operation.

Additional Upgrades

Boost your performance

Blackhawk’s additional upgrades were designed to expand performance, safety, and comfort when upgrading engines. Explore available performance boosting upgrades based on your aircraft below.

Aircraft Model

Product Category

MRO Management

Comprehensive MRO Management

Aircraft Readiness

Blackhawk Aerospace offers professionally managed complete aircraft MRO services with the fastest engine and propeller turnaround times in the industry at very competitive prices. Our highly skilled team manages every aspect of your MRO, from program management and analysis to shipping logistics. We put our years of experience supporting government agencies to the highest government standards together with our agile, small business focus to deliver on-time, high quality, and efficient support.


Blackhawk has been in the business of conducting engineering evaluations for the development of engine and propeller replacements as sustainment solutions for over 20 years. When paired with all the services of our FAA-approved MRO shop, our technologically advanced systems provide maintenance and operations cost savings and increased performance that expand mission capabilities while extending the life cycle for decades to come.

Program Features

Blackhawk delivers the features of a prime with the agility of a small business. Our services include:

  • Dedicated program manager assigned to each customer
  • Real-time daily status updates
  • Proactive inspection alerts
  • Vetted network of vendors to support all aspects of the work
  • Full-service manufacturing shop, including composites
  • Fastest turn-around times for MRO engines and propellers in the industry
  • 100% on time delivery

Customer Benefits

Our customers benefit from Blackhawk’s comprehensive end-to-end approach.

  • We are your one and only source of information, managing all aspects of your maintenance needs
  • We support more than one aspect of components, providing true comprehensive service
  • You receive small business credit working with Blackhawk


Blackhawk meets or exceeds all government contracting requirements and regulations.

  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 Rev D Certified Quality Management Systems
  • Active member of GIDEP for the prevention of counterfeit parts
  • Active Export Control Program
  • Poised for CMMC Level 3 for cyber security compliance
  • FAA parts manufacturer approval (PMA) for composite parts
  • 20-years’ experience developing supplemental type certificates (STCs) for turboprop aircraft

Engine and Propeller Management Programs

Blackhawk’s powerful engine and propeller management solutions revolutionize aircraft readiness. Using trend analysis and flight data monitoring tools, the Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ Engine Management PLUS+ program delivers information and recommendations for proactive engine maintenance. Operators experience extended time between overhauls, consistent identification of small issues before they become expensive problems, and maintain on-condition hot sections.

Operating to the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS-9100 Rev D, the program operates in a four-step process designed to fact-based decision-making for dramatic improvements in readiness, safety, and availability:


engine performance, usage, and maintenance data utilizing proven aviation data management services and applications.


and interpret data using FAA licensed A&P mechanics to provide diagnostics and prognostics that result in timely and accurate maintenance recommendations.


the data and process to deliver actionable reports resulting in a proactive maintenance program that is timely, effective, and efficient.


and make informed decisions based on complete, up-to-date information that is easily accessed anytime online.


While we specialize in the fastest turnaround times in the industry for engines and propellers, Blackhawk’s MRO support doesn’t end there. We provide full-service, one-stop complete aircraft maintenance management through our comprehensive maintenance facility. Our fully equipped FAA Part 145 Repair Station supports a wide range of aircraft, engine, avionics, and component MRO. Our specialty is cost-effective service, personalized to your needs and budget.


Through L3 Vertex, Blackhawk managed the 205 aircraft U.S. Army C-12 transport fleet, including SEMA fleet Contractor Logistics Support (CLS). Blackhawk’s services included reporting each engine’s status daily, where at any one time up to 80 engines could be undergoing any phase of MRO.

Blackhawk provides aerospace and national security contractor Sierra Nevada Corporation with performance enhancement kits for their government aircraft modification and integration projects. Blackhawk currently supplies performance upgrades for the U.S. Army’s fleet of 24 EMARSS aircraft.

Blackhawk managed engine and propeller system MRO for a foreign military for the better part of a decade.

Let Us Be Your One Source MRO Solution

Contact us today to learn more about how Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ turnkey approach can simplify and streamline your MRO.

Government Overview



Proven Solutions for Government Aircraft Readiness

Often operating on tight budgets, government customers need innovative, cost-effective performance-based solutions for legacy aircraft, allowing them to continue performing important mission operations without interruption. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions brings together a powerful mix of capabilities and experience to serve as a single-source provider of comprehensive PT6 engine performance and maintenance solutions for government and military customers. Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, near the heart of U.S. Army Aviation, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions is AS-9100 Rev D certified with a long-standing tradition of customer service and support.


MRO & Engine Management Programs, Performance Upgrades, Additional Upgrades


KING AIR 200 – XP52


KING AIR 350/350ER – XP67A







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Blackhawk’s services and engine upgrade solutions improve engine performance, safety, reliability, and useful life, significantly reducing overall costs and down time. Our engine and propeller upgrade options, data-driven engine management programs utilizing trend and flight data monitoring, and value-added maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) allow government and defense operators to do more with smaller budgets.


  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety Margins


  • Engine-Related AOG
  • Maintenance Time
  • Overall Costs


Formerly operated as Vector-Hawk, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions formed in 2008 to bring vast engine upgrade and superior customer service capabilities to government agencies. Blackhawk soon won the Government of Israel’s engine and propeller MRO contract, which successfully continues to this day.

Soon after, L3 selected the company to help solve engine MRO management and repair cycle issues. Blackhawk successfully reduced L3’s average engine overhaul time from 120 days to 45 days, significantly reducing costs and downtime.

We understand the unique challenges facing today’s government and defense operators and how limited budgets push the limits of legacy aircraft. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions continues to grow and innovate. We are constantly adding to our extensive list of services and capabilities as we work to keep you flying by reducing costs associated with upgrades and increasing the performance of legacy aircraft.





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How can we support you?

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