Mark Ross, 208B

Your engine really has completely changed the Cessna Caravan. It should have had this much power all along, as it completely changes what one is able to do with the aircraft. Most of our strips here in East Africa are short, at high altitude, and have trees or mountains very nearby.

Geoff Farrington, Vice President, Kapowsin Air Sports, 208 and 208B

I used to be able to take 2.5 loads an hour – now I can take 4. That’s a dramatic change for the better. On one flight we took 16 people to FL160 in 13 minutes, an impressive achievement!

Ron Limoges, 208B

At Alkan Air, we are always searching for a more safe and efficient way to serve our clients. The Blackhawk Caravan engine upgrade is the next logical step in the evolution of the capable 208B Caravan. Our customers ask for the Caravan year in and year out because of its payload and reliability.

Can my shop do the installation or does Blackhawk have to do the installation?

Blackhawk does not perform installations. Although the installation is basically an engine change and can be done by any Pratt & Whitney Canada certified facility, we have found that you will save time and money if the upgrade is performed by any of our approved installation facilities worldwide. These facilities have the experience to complete the upgrade faster and with the higher exacting quality you demand.

What is the lead time on engine(s)?

Blackhawk orders all engines a year in advance. We can usually deliver within 30-60 days or sooner. Call for timing on the next set of available engines.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We work with several banks that offer very competitive rates.

How does the Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrade affect resale value?

To date, nearly every Blackhawk powered aircraft that has been resold within 500 hours of the upgrade has sold close to or higher than the combined investment of the airframe and engine(s). Resale value of Blackhawk powered aircraft remains strong in all markets. Many dealers are even speculating on Blackhawk powered aircraft.

How is Blackhawk different from other upgrades or overhaul?

In addition to worldwide product support and product branding, Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades offer the following benefits:

Can I put my airplane on charter?

Yes. In fact, many charter companies prefer operating aircraft upgraded with a Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrade because they are able to operate out of shorter, higher, and hotter runways.

Can I keep my core engine?

Since the upgrade price already reflects the value of the cores, you can keep your core engine if you are willing to pay Pratt & Whitney Canada for the core. Prices will depend on core engine times.