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xp67a engine+ upgrade


Blackhawk is now offering a $50,000 avionics credit with the purchase of the King Air 350 XP67A Engine+ Upgrade. When coupled with the looming ADS-B mandate, owners and operators will experience the latest in engine and avionics technology by meeting the mandate while upgrading your aircraft.

There's Never Been A Better Time To Upgrade Your Aircraft

Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades transform your legacy aircraft to new, modern standards while avoiding the risk of uncertain engine overhaul costs. Factory-new, more efficient engines deliver the highest performance levels available, saving both time and money.

Speed Up
The Blackhawk-upgraded King Air 350 features Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines, producing 1,050 SHP up to 25,000 feet, while stock King Air 350 engines begin losing horsepower at just 15,000 feet. Paired with two 5-blade natural composite MT Propellers and spinners, the complete upgrade transforms your Super King Air into a real Super Hero.

Improve Safety
With more horsepower comes more safety margin. The King Air already enjoys an exemplary safety record, especially when compared to similar-sized jets. Paired with the higher single-engine service ceiling provided by the XP67A, increased horsepower gives you the edge you need to operate at high density altitude and power through weather situations that can challenge the stock King Air.

Solid ROI
Better performance and improved engine efficiency means lower cost per nautical mile. With the XP67A, an operator flying 500 hours a year will around 60 hours per year compared to the stock 350. This equates to about $90,000 in annual operating cost savings, assuming $1,500 per operating hour. 

Boost Value
Aircraft valuation publications list 100% of the XP Engine+ Upgrade is added to the aircraft value.  Blackhawk-powered aircraft sell faster and closer to asking price than their unequipped counterparts. The Pratt & Whitney Enhanced Warranty keeps financial risks low and is fully transferable.


MG Dyess & the Blackhawk XP67A Engine+ Upgrade

MG Dyess Chief Pilot, Matthew Miller, details his experience with the XP67A Engine+ Upgrade installed on their King Air 350, FL-553.

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