Familiar Systems, Modern Technology

Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies provides modernized flight management systems from Universal Avionics to bring the systems you know and trust to modern standards.


Gain confidence, security, and increased safety on every flight with the latest advancements in satellite-based navigation from UA’s SBAS-capable flight management systems (FMS).

  • Thumb drive data loading
  • High resolution displays
  • Precision area navigation with RNP, RNAV, and LPV
  • ADS-B Out
  • Future air navigation system (FANS) capability

Heading Mode


  • Fully coupled
  • Computed top-of-descent
  • Target vertical speed
  • Vertical Direct-To

Holding Patterns

  • Included in navigation database
  • Manually defined

3-D Approach Mode

  • Laterally and vertically coupled

Fuel Management

  • 4 Fuel flow inputs

Take Off/Landing (excluding UNS-1Lw)

Frequency Management

UniLink Compatible

  • Weather graphics
  • Text Messaging

TAWS Compatible

  • TAWS graphics

Universal Cockpit Display Compatible

SCAT-I GPS Approach Compatible

SBAS Planned Growth

LAAS Planned Growth

  • Retains existing aircraft wiring
  • Minimal aircraft down time
  • Fully integrated with legacy avionics


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