Matt Shieman

An original founder of Blackhawk Aerospace, Matt Shieman serves as chairman of Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions and Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades business units. He works directly with key partners in Blackhawk’s supply chain, banking, and international distribution to ensure the company’s smooth operation. He’s also directly involved in Blackhawk’s customer service, working directly with customers to address any issues with the goal of exceeding their expectations of Blackhawk support and service.

Himself a private pilot with more than 3,500 hours in single and multi-engine airplanes, Shieman comes from both financial and aviation backgrounds. He uses his unique skill set to improve the company’s operational and financial performance while working to develop and grow relationships with key vendors, distributors, and service providers. Shieman holds an MBA in finance, a bachelor’s degree in business and economics, and is a licensed CPA.