Lynnette Allmon

Lynnette Allmon helped found Blackhawk with her husband, Jim Allmon, in 1999. Working multiple roles from receptionist to CFO as the company took flight, she helped build Blackhawk into the customer focused company it is today. Currently, Lynnette Allmon oversees Blackhawk’s human resources department, where she manages recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, and risk management. Prior to Blackhawk, Lynnette served as vice president of Aurora Aviation, also owned by the Allmons, for seven years, initially overseeing accounting, insurance, and benefits. Her responsibilities increased to marketing, small aircraft sales, and supporting aircraft refurbishment, completions, and scheduling.

In her current position, Allmon supports Blackhawk’s people—those hardworking folks who make Blackhawk so successful, ensuring they have what they need to in turn support Blackhawk customers and potential customers.