4 & 5 Blade Propellers

MT-Propeller’s fast, light-weight composite propellers reduce weight, vibration, and drag while increasing lift, thrust, and lifetime operation. MT-Propeller’s 4- and 5-blade propellers help you maximize the benefits of a Blackhawk engine upgrade.

Upgrades Available for: King Air 90 • King Air 200 • King Air 300 • King Air 350/350ER • Conquest • Cheyenne (I, II, IIXL) • Caravan • Grand Caravan

Upgrade Benefits

  • Reduced Weight – MT Natural Composite Propellers are significantly lighter than aluminum propeller systems, saving weight on the end of your engine crankshaft.
  • Reduced Vibration – Unlike aluminum, composites do not experience harmonic vibration. Your plane’s gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, cowlings, and more enjoy longer life with reduced vibration.
  • Greater Strength – Composites are stronger than aluminum.
  • Unlimited Blade Life – Metal props have absolute dimension limits. Every time a nick is filed out and the prop dressed, you get closer to that limit while also changing the manufacturer’s optimized performance dimensions. MT-Propellers, when overhauled, are brought back to exact factory-new dimensions. With normal use, full replacement is avoided.
  • Steel Hub Inserts – MT-Propeller hubs use a replaceable steel bearing insert, eliminating the requirement to replace the full hub as is the case in standard hubs when tolerances are exceeded.
  • Quieter – Shorter blades and increased blade count results in a smaller diameter and lower tip speeds – making them quieter.
  • More Lift/Thrust – Lower tip speeds maintain smooth airflow across the blades resulting in more lift/thrust.
  • Less Drag – MT-Propeller’s smaller prop arc disc has less drag than larger diameter prop arc discs.
  • More Ground Clearance – Smaller diameter propeller blades reduce chances for prop damage from ground objects and debris.
  • Added Resale Value – The benefits are passed along, increasing resale value.
  • Easy Installation – MT-Propeller blades bolt on easily and use the existing prop governor.
  • Full Warranty – 1 year or 1,000 hours (whichever occurs first) for any manufacturing defects.


  • Natural composite blades and hubs with stainless steel leading-edge guards
  • Unlimited blade life through the ability to restore composites to factory specifications during overhaul
  • Steel hub bearing inserts
  • Increased blade count and shorter diameter
  • Utilize existing prop governors
  • Available in white, black or grey
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