Conquest I

Performance Upgrades

Enjoy a 50% increased climb rate, more than 290 knots of max cruise speed, and full torque to FL230, with an impressive 10% decrease in operating costs.

Other Performance Solutions

5-bladed Prop 200x200

Superior light-weight composite propellers with increased performance and life.

3-bladed Prop 200x200
McCauley Propellers

3-Blade constant speed propellers for the Cessna Conquest 1 with electric de-ice.

Smart Gauges 200x200
Hawkeye Start Gauges

Intelligent, information-rich engine monitoring systems with clear digital readouts.

Phoenix by BMI 200x200
Phoenix by Blackhawk

Modernize your aircraft with a complete nose-to-tail customization to your specifications.

Not sure what upgrade is right for you?

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