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Enhanced Performance Leading Edges

Beechcraft King Air 200 Series

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More lift, less stress, and less drag are created by changing the shape of the inboard section of the leading edges of the Beechcraft King Air 200's wings with the Raisbeck Enhanced Performance Leading Edges.

Raisbeck Enhanced Performance Leading Edges Benefits

  • Increased Cruise Speeds
  • Reduced Stall Speeds
  • Increased Outboard Wing Life
  • More Efficient Air Conditioning Through Improved Intercooler Efficiency
  • Excellent Low Speed Flying Qualities and Stall Characteristics

Raisbeck Enhanced Performance Leading Edges Technology

  • Modern Aerodynamic Airfoil Improves Airflow
  • Composite Construction for Strength and Weight Savings
  • Recessed Flush-Mounted De-Icing Boots Minimize Drag
  • Extended De-Icing Boot Material Protects Intercooler Inlet from Foreign Object Damage
  • Optimize Intercooler Inlet and Ducting