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325 AMP Starter Generator

Cessna Caravan Series

325-AMP Starter/Generator for the Cessna Caravan Series

The Ametek 325 amp Starter Generator offers improved engine starts over the factory offered 200 Amp starter generator and 325 amps of continuous power for the aircraft and specific payloads. These improvements are offered with no limitations for operating the aircraft, from ground to service ceiling.

The starter generator is mounted on the top of the accessory case at the rear of the engine.  It is a 28 volt, 325 amp engine-driven unit that functions as a motor for engine starting and as a generator for the aircraft electrical system.  When operated as a starter, a speed sensing switch in the starter-generator will automatically shut down the starter, providing over-speed protection and automatic shutoff.  The starter-generator is air cooled with an integral fan and ram air from the engine cowling.