Modified Caravan takes the heat of Dubai in its stride

Modified Caravan takes the heat of Dubai in its stride

June 11, 2013

modified-caravan-dubaiSkydive Dubai has received a second Blackhawk-modified Caravan 208B for its skydiving activities in the desert conditions of Dubai.

Chief pilot Heath Haley believes the region is on its way to becoming the world’s best skydiving resort. He adds: “We are in the process of redefining the skydiving experience. From scratch, we have been hard at work creating the single most incredible dropzone in the world, right in the heart of Dubai. Since purchasing our first XP powered Caravan 208B from Blackhawk, I have noticed a major jump in my business.”

President and ceo of Blackhawk Modifications Jim Allmon says: “I am beyond pleased that we can provide Skydive Dubai with its second XP42A performance upgrade. Operators like these are the reason why Blackhawk designed this package. The extremely hot summers in Dubai are the perfect match for the XP42 upgrade to the Caravan. While others are grounded due to the heat, the Blackhawk equipped 208B is flying missions, making money.

Jim Allmon hands over the second Caravan XP42A performance upgrade to Heath Haley. (pictured)

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